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Fairly large wasp nests in loft spaces at Lincoln, causing concerns for the home owner.

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Pestinator LTD - Wasp Control Service

Here we have a wasp nest that had been made inside a extractor fan pipe that was connected to the bathroom as you might imagine it was a daily occurrence of wasps thankfully that was treated and removed.

Great service, Luke came within an hour of me phoning to sort a wasp nest, would definitely recommend.

Pestinator LTD - Wasp Nest Removal Service

When I comes to wasp nests come can come as bit of a surprise needless to say this one was a very large wasp nest that was treated in a loft in Lincoln, It would have had thousands of workers by the end of the season.

Excellent service came out straight away to destroy my wasp nest n I haven't seen one since ! Thank u Luke

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