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Solar panel proofing today for pigeons looks great and works well.

By August 28, 2016 No Comments

Pestinator LTD – Can free you from them unwanted tenants under your solar panels.

At Pestinator LTD – We are specialists at installing Solar panel Proofing products to customers property’s, We have an array of products that best suit your needs or your type of look you want to your home or business.

We deal with bird spikes, Wire mesh & other products, so if your in need of your solar panels proofing from pigeons feel free to contact us.

None Contact spikes

Dont want bird proofing to have any contact with your solar panels? not a problem we deal with non contact spikes also.

Stunning & Discreet spikes

Solar panel proofing doesn’t have to look ugly! in some cases the spikes we use add to the look of the property improving the look.

Professional fitted

We at Pestinator LTD have installed hundreds of spikes on to property to keep pigeons out from underneath our clients solar panels, and do so in the most discreet way.