Antiviral Sanitation & Disinfection Services

 Antiviral Sanitation & Disinfection Services in Boston, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding, Sleaford, Skegness & Lincolnshire

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How does it the Antiviral Sanitation & Disinfection Services work?

We offer a direct surface treatment with the most effective virucide protection against Conronavirus its likely to be our ULV treatment. This process allows for a space to be subjected to an application that converts specialist disinfectant liquids into micro-fine droplets that fill a void, disinfecting a greater surface area. The treatment allows for large spaces to be treated in moments using airflow to maximise exposure. Spaces need to be vacated for just over an hour with no residual smell so treatment can be managed to minimise disruption. Because treatment is swift costs can be kept to a minimum as the application time is short.

 Antiviral Sanitation & Disinfection Service need carrying out regularly & by trained technicians. Infection prevention control ensures that public buildings and rooms, equipment, devices, and surfaces are free from:

  • Microbes
  • Pathogens
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria

This specialist disinfection service will make sure that the rooms and place of business are safe for staff and your customers or patients.

Will perform decontamination services, and we will help with:

  • Health care facility
  • Restaurant
  • Business
  • Office and reception area
  • University buildings
  • Rented property
  • Schools
  • Coronavirus cleaning
  • End of sterile tenancy cleaning
  • School prevention cleaning
  • Nursing home sterile cleaning
  • Gym prevention cleaning
  • Medical centre cleaning
  • Home sterile cleaning
  • Office infection control cleaning
  • Doctors surgery sterile cleaning

Pestinator is the perfect solution to assist your sanitation & disinfection control. Cleaning & decontamination services are vital in safeguarding the public & your customers.

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