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Insect Pest Control Service in Boston, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding, Sleaford, Skegness & Lincolnshire

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Lincolnshire Insect Control Service

We Provide A Professional Insect Control Service Covering Ants, Wasps, Hornets, Bee Removals, Bedbugs, Fleas, Cockroaches, Moths, Silverfish, Cluster Flies, Carpet Beetles, Woodworm, Electric Fly Killers & Crawling Insects covering Boston, Lincoln, Skegness, Spalding, Sleaford & thought out Lincolnshire.

We are highly accredited, qualified & to a professional standard, Insects can be a problem not just stinging, biting, destruction of furniture & carpets but they can cause sleepless nights for the owner of the property so if you need our services to give us a call for all your pest control problems.

If you require our Free insect identification service you can send us a picture or a video to us at [email protected] we will normally get back to you within 48 hours the only thing we require is a clear image or video to allow us to identify it if you are struggling with this you can always call us and we will speak to you about the pest and gain some info that way.

  • The venom in wasps contains a pheromone that causes other wasps to become more aggressive. So killing a wasp near its nest or other wasps might not be the best idea.
  • The Only Wasps That Survive The Winter Are Young Fertilised Queens. They Emerge From Overwintering In The Spring To Build New Nests. Initially The Queen Lays Up To A Dozen Eggs And When They Hatch Into Larvae She Feeds Them Until They Become Workers. The Workers Then Forage For Food, Feed The New Larvae And Defend The Nest.
  • Bed Bugs Can Gain Entry To Your Property By The Following Suitcases, Backpacks, Handbags And Even Items Of Furniture, Such As Wardrobes And Sofas All Provide Bed Bugs With Access To Your Property So If You Like Traveling Or Sometimes Get Used Furniture Be Sure To Have A Quick Check First.

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  • Certified Technician
  • Fully Accredited
  • Fully insured
  • NPTA Members
  • Discreet & Determined
  • Quality standards
  • Excellent Rates
  • Unmarked vehicle Available
  • Same day service
  • DBS checked
  • We Work for Local Authorities: House Owners, Property Agents, Landlords, Local businesses, Councils & Schools.
  • FREE expert advice on all types of pests. Just give us a call to speak to us for info on how we can help from a experts point of view.
  • contact us today for a expert service. You can also benefit from our 24 hour call out services if required.
  • Contact us today for your free quote on your pest problem.
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